Home Made Solar Power

Have you ever thought about building your own solar power system to help provide energy for your home? With plans and materials that have been introduced in the last few years, this has become cheaper and easier. Continually rising energy costs drive the constant improvement in alternative energy technologies, and push entrepreneurs to keep building these better and cheaper.

Building a homemade solar power system is not very difficult. There are four components that are common to all home solar systems.

Solar Panels - The main component of the system, and the most important one, is the solar panel. These consist of a casing, cells, and the wiring to wire them together. They can be made for about $100.

Batteries - Deep cycle batteries are needed. Typically, golf cart or marine batteries are the best for home use.

Charge Controller - This is the power management system that controls power going to the batteries. This is critical to provide the batteries with enough charge, without burning them out. These are similar to the power systems available for boat battery charging.

Power Inverter - This converts the direct current of your battery to the alternating current that you home needs. The plugins in your house are all alternating current. Things powered by batteries, like cars, boats and flashlights run on direct current.

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In addition to building your system, you will need a mounting system for it. Mostly this is done using aluminum angles purchased from any home building supply store. They are mounted to a roof using these. Note you must also consider mounting in a way that allows you to change the angle for different seasons. This is particularly important in more northern areas, since you are farther from the equator, and the angle of the sun varies more. In some setups, the solar panels are mounted on the ground instead of on the roof.

How much will your home solar power system cost?

The cheapest home solar power systems cost about $100 for all the components needed to build it. Generally $2-500 will get you a much higher powered system, that will power most things in the typical home. Something like a home central air system requires a much more powerful setup.


Where To Find Detailed Plans For Making a Home Solar Power System

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